Founded in 2010, Imoon is a leading player on the international market for commercial lighting in Food & Fashion Retail. A role built on the values of quality and design, strictly Made in Italy, which embodies the idea of style and creativity of Italian companies worldwide.

“In the proper light, and in the right moment, everything can be extraordinary”: in this sense, fully participating in the transformation process of Retailers, Imoon also contributes to their competitive development. The sensory and emotional dimensions, linked with the expressiveness of lighting projects, play a fundamental role in guiding consumers through the shopping experience.

Light, on top of its functional and perceptual roles, has now become the connection between coordinated image, arrangement of indoor spaces and attractiveness of the products on display. Makris, a brand of Imoon’s, fits well into this context, as it allows each store to live its own personal lighting experience through new ideas that become products, shaped by expert designers to illuminate each space in harmony with the initial creative concept and the personality of Retailer brands.